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AMGBA - The American MGB Association. Moss Motors, Ltd. - MG parts, British car news, and events. Classic Motorsports magazine 
NAMGAR - The North American MGA Register. Victoria British, Ltd. - On-line catalog of MG parts. MG 2019 - MG 2019 information.
NAMGBR - The North American MGB Register. Triple C - British car accessories, clothing, regalia, etc. Collector Car Market - Collector car price tracker for MGBs.
New England MG T Register   Little British Car Company - British car parts. Alberene Royal Mail - British goods.
CVBCC - The Central Virginia British Car Club. The Roadster Factory - British car parts. CarTalk - Visit NPR's "Tappet" brothers, "Click &Clack".
SVBCC- The Shenandoah Valley British Car Club.   BritBooks - Large selection of British car books. www.prewarcar.com PreWarCar.com is the daily Magazine & Marketplace dedicated to the pre 1940 car.

WBCC- British Car Club in Williamsburg, VA.

UsedBritishParts - A site for NOS and used British car parts.

Virginia International Raceway - 3.2 mile track for sports car racing near Danville VA.

MG - The Classic Marque - Includes links to the MG Car Club, MG Owners Club,  registers, news, a BB, classifieds, more. mgfivespeed.com - 5 speed transmission conversions for MGBs. Car Club Council -  Central VA car club council.
The MGB Experience -  MGB information website. Classic Conversions (UK) - A website providing transmissions and conversions kits for MGs and other classics. www.classic-british-cars.com - Site with much info, cars for sale, and links to other sites.
MG  - Official website for the new MG car company. Brown & Gammons - Supplier of MG performance parts in the UK. www.auto-history.tv/ - Archive of motoring films.
Old Dominion British Car Club  - British Car Club in the Danville, VA area. University Motors - Homepage for John Twist Old Cars Weekly - Old Cars Weekly covers the entire field of collectible automobiles, from the classic touring cars and roadsters of the early 1900s to muscle cars of the 1960s and '70s
SOL's Index of Clubs - An index of North American MG Clubs offered by the Scions of Lucas. Eclectic Motorworks - MG repairs & services www.imcdb.org - Listing of cars in movies and television.
MGRV8 - Australian site dedicated to Rover's MGRV8.  Moss Motors Forum - British car forum www.jalopyjournal.com/?p=7261 for the record run of EX135.
Tidewater Triumph Register - Local Triumph club in Southeastern VA.  Tool Warranty Info - Check on warranties for various tools.