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Pictures from the August 2000 Tech Session 

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Ed's MGB with a new windshield

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Waiting for the hamburgers

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Frank helping Jerry Johnson with his 75 B

So, what goes on at one of our Tech Sessions?  See the write-up below:

August Tech Session was a huge success. Just what the doctor ordered! There were vacuum problems, a speed odometer was removed (and put back), there was a beautifully restored white 'B' that wouldn't come back to life after it's 'reconstructive' surgery, other wiring problems were being seen to in several cars (there were 17 MG's at today's event), and as Alice could no longer see through the 'looking glass' there was a windscreen replacement on my (Ed Kehrig) 74B.

Which brings me to the next part. If you haven't been to or have missed a tech session, you really need to be at the next one and all of them actually. If you keep an ear 'tuned' to the various happenings you'll learn some really great tricks of the trade, and if not that - then you'll pick up some useful information you may not have known before. Did you know that not all screws that look like Phillips head screws are actually not Phillips head screws! Dah-h-h-h. And you'll never guess how many hands it takes to screw in one screw on a windshield. Besides all this, the chow was great . . . bar-b-q a-la-Coors.

A few helpful hints on replacing a windscreen.

Well, it was a great shin-dig and everyone had a great time; and that's the whole purpose of the club isn't it! Having a great time with great people! If you weren't there - then you really missed it. Thanks to Frank Linse and Bob McClaren who hosted today's event.               By Ed Kehrig.