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Pictures from the May 2000 "Race at the Base" 

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mgclub.jpg (21137 bytes)

MG's at RATB

mgclub3.jpg (15003 bytes)

Merc vs MGB

mgclub4.jpg (15956 bytes)

Merc vs MGB 2

mgclub6.jpg (71262 bytes)

MG Lineup

mgclub2.jpg (20334 bytes)

More MGs

46TC1.jpg (62713 bytes)

Chuck's TC

46TCrace4.jpg (77173 bytes)

Chuck & Jim

46TCrace1.jpg (57940 bytes)
View from TC
99ratb.gif (41911 bytes)

MGs at '99 RATB

mgaratb99.jpg (21274 bytes)

MGA at '99 RATB