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Pictures from the Waynesboro trip, 06-08 Oct 2000

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kilt&TR8.jpg (78322 bytes)

Kilt & TR8's

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river.jpg (78375 bytes)

River by park

McCormickfarm.jpg (64742 bytes)

McCormick mill 

squirrel.jpg (54981 bytes)

squirrel power

MRSRowes.jpg (52306 bytes)

Mrs. Rowes

hotelBs.jpg (34990 bytes)

Packing up

Bsatoverlook.jpg (76618 bytes)

B's on Parkway

overlook.jpg (52911 bytes)
Parkway lookout
BRPkw.jpg (66763 bytes)

View over valley

BRpkwy.jpg (55515 bytes)

Thru a looking glass

BRpkwy3.jpg (41800 bytes)

Side view

Bsatoverlook2.jpg (53164 bytes)

B's at overlook

BRpkwy2.jpg (51207 bytes)

Back of the pack

logcabin.jpg (82515 bytes)
Frontier cabin
Sue&Barry.jpg (76311 bytes)

Dinner at Hardee's keeping B running