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Pictures from the August 02 Tech Session 

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Img_0815R1.jpg (114843 bytes)

MGs in the shade

Img_0825R1.jpg (67479 bytes)

"Did you hear the one about?..."

P8100001R1.jpg (64472 bytes)

The "Barn"

Img_0819R1.jpg (72396 bytes)

Working on 'TD

P8100003.jpg (60020 bytes)

'57 MGA

P8100007R1.jpg (97184 bytes)

Adjusting lights

Img_0820R1.jpg (55568 bytes)

Dan deep in thought

BarryAug02techR1.jpg (53688 bytes)

Barry taking aim

Img_0822R1.jpg (73126 bytes)

Admiring Bentley

Img_0823R1.jpg (86427 bytes)


Img_0828R1.jpg (84291 bytes)

Leaving under own power!

Img_0826R1.jpg (63756 bytes)

Moving Sue's GT