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Ice Cream Social/Drive-Out

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Starting at Kellam HS

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Peggy & George arrive

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Hi, I'm Vince

Img_0596.jpg (81805 bytes)

Uh oh, I'm lost already!

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Waiting for the start

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Back to the cars

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Bs in the setting sun

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They're off!

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Paul & 'TF

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Robin's '74 MGB

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Obey all signs
r0301868.jpg (23482 bytes)

Don't drop the directions!

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The Craigs

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MGBs at the DQ

Img_0597.jpg (53987 bytes)

Overflow parking
r0301874.jpg (26268 bytes)

Alan announcing winners

Img_0599.jpg (56223 bytes)

Alan pulling out another prize

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Captive audience

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Now that's a prize!
r0301876.jpg (26892 bytes)

The Bonds