TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Original British Car Show
held 16 June 2003 in Gaithersburg MD

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Field of LBCs
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Another field of cars

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Eiko Wilson

100_0256r.jpg (229918 bytes)

MG 'T series

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"Gullwing" engine cover

100_0261r.jpg (275980 bytes)

'TC and RR

100_0265r.jpg (278624 bytes)

100_0264r.jpg (252978 bytes)

Ready for a picnic
100_0237r.jpg (226339 bytes)

Early MGBs

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100_0252r.jpg (287640 bytes)

Craig's 'GT

100_0234r.jpg (215959 bytes)

Late MGBs

100_0233r.jpg (202560 bytes)

Bonnets up

100_0251r.jpg (341477 bytes)

Rubber bumper 'Bs

100_0291r.jpg (323634 bytes)
The Wilson's portable dining room
100_0235r.jpg (310849 bytes)

V8 power

100_0236r.jpg (321905 bytes)

Nice MGC

100_0239r.jpg (304933 bytes)


100_0249r.jpg (302684 bytes)

British mix

100_0268r.jpg (277461 bytes)
Eiko checks out Minis
100_0267r.jpg (326672 bytes)

Go Mini!

100_0277r.jpg (285298 bytes)


100_0288r.jpg (254628 bytes)

Old Triumph

100_0294r.jpg (201456 bytes)

Waiting for prizes

100_0298r.jpg (192883 bytes)
Lined up