TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Hunt Country Classic British Car Show
held 19 October 2003 in Middleburg VA

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Svea Farm
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Field of MGs

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More MGs

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'T Series

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Another MG TD

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MG racers
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More MGAs
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Hot Midget

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Craig & 'GT

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Chrome bumper MGBs

100_0644r.jpg (53877 bytes)

Doug's 76 MGB

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Rubber bumper MGBs
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More MGBs

100_0605r.jpg (58455 bytes)

Supercharged MGB

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Mini truck
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Morgan Aero 8

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Bonnets up

100_0612r.jpg (69302 bytes)

Rolls Woody

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Rolls Royce
100_0616r.jpg (71717 bytes)

More Rolls Royce

100_0617r.jpg (69470 bytes)

Rolls convertible

100_0621r.jpg (49670 bytes)

Early Jag XK roadster

100_0619r.jpg (53791 bytes)

Austin Healeys

100_0622r.jpg (52743 bytes)
Red Austin Healey
100_0623r.jpg (47087 bytes)

Red XK roadster

100_0627r.jpg (56435 bytes)

Land Rovers

100_0628r.jpg (51076 bytes)

Imported London taxi

100_0631r.jpg (44610 bytes)

Morris Minors

100_0632r.jpg (63614 bytes)
English bikes
100_0635r.jpg (63244 bytes)

Rolls coupe

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100_0647r.jpg (61992 bytes)

View from Morgan

100_0606r.jpg (44025 bytes)

New Minis

100_0656r.jpg (58494 bytes)
The Cummings take 1st place