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Pictures from the Moonrise Bay Vineyard Drive-Out on 17 August

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01Starting Point.JPG (84765 bytes)
Starting point 
02 Ten MG's.jpg (70982 bytes)
All lined up

03 Waiting to go.jpg (84132 bytes)

Waiting to go

04 Vince's    19 52 TD.jpg (86828 bytes)

Vince's 'TD

Img_2367r.jpg (70715 bytes)
Paul & Carmen's MGTF
P1010021r.jpg (77690 bytes)
Leaving Kellam HS
Img_2371r.jpg (43378 bytes)
MGs on the road

Img_2374r.jpg (47880 bytes)

Paul & Carmen arrive

Img_2376r.jpg (66441 bytes)

Vince & Pam arrive
Img_2372r.jpg (42552 bytes)
MGs at Moonrise Bay Vineyard
P1010027r.jpg (58202 bytes)
New tasting room
P1010025r.jpg (61318 bytes)
Setting up in the new picnic area

Img_2377r.jpg (52058 bytes)

At the bar

Img_2381r.jpg (62889 bytes)

Owner educating members

Img_2383r.jpg (43462 bytes)

Getting a handout

10 Oakie gives Mike a taste.jpg (86160 bytes)

Mike getting a sample

P1010022r.jpg (67876 bytes)

Sampling wine

P1010023r.jpg (61974 bytes)

Learning about winemaking
12 Lets try  this one.jpg (85320 bytes)

Not one of Pam's favorites!

P1010024r.jpg (66355 bytes)
Aging room