TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Gold Cup Historic Races at VIR held 6-8 June 

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P6070046r.jpg (42870 bytes)
The Giffins' stable
P6070047r.jpg (63952 bytes)
Hanks' Lotus & Ryans' Elva

P6070050r.jpg (59682 bytes)

MG Paddock

100_0118r.jpg (152884 bytes)

Texas MGs

P6070051r.jpg (35435 bytes)

Aston Martin & Alfas

100_0108r.jpg (131104 bytes)
Aston Martin DB4
P6070052r.jpg (38370 bytes)
Another MG club

100_0119r.jpg (234330 bytes)

MG TC racer

100_0122r.jpg (190873 bytes)

MGA racer

P6070054r.jpg (33103 bytes)

Sue & Barry

P6070053r.jpg (38357 bytes)
100_0135r.jpg (132158 bytes)


100_0140r.jpg (224929 bytes)

Open wheel racecars
100_0142r.jpg (185153 bytes)

Tech area

100_0156r.jpg (192369 bytes)
Entering paddock
100_0130r.jpg (132709 bytes)

Start/finish area

100_0160r.jpg (180117 bytes)
Sat AM car show

P6070040r.jpg (38102 bytes)

Doug & Craig display their cars

P6070045r.jpg (57645 bytes)

Old MGs

100_0164r.jpg (234600 bytes)
South paddock
100_0165r.jpg (155524 bytes)

Doug & Craig wait their turn

100_0169r.jpg (117949 bytes)

Behind Craigs' GT

P6070056r.jpg (45200 bytes)

Craig & Doug on the track
P6070059r.jpg (69182 bytes)

MGB GT V8 leading pack

P6070062r.jpg (58855 bytes)
Oak Tree turn
P6070064r.jpg (46467 bytes)

Hank in Devin

P6070068r.jpg (35860 bytes)

Hank in Lotus

P6080075r.jpg (27656 bytes)

Waiting to get on track on Sunday
P6080076r.jpg (27746 bytes)

VIR sign

100_0188r.jpg (110765 bytes)
Barry on track
100_0185r.jpg (86650 bytes)

Sue & Mike on track

100_0190r.jpg (137461 bytes)

Mike on track

P6080078r.jpg (31752 bytes)

After the run
100_0103r.jpg (180561 bytes)

Craig & Doug take a break from the action

100_0178r.jpg (100590 bytes)
Track action
100_0194r.jpg (145986 bytes)

More track action

100_0214r.jpg (166384 bytes)

Barry, Mike, Eiko, & Sue

P6080081r.jpg (41445 bytes)

Ryan in her Elva
P6080088r.jpg (58038 bytes)

Hank in his Lotus

P6080087r.jpg (60329 bytes)