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Pictures from MG 2003, 18-21 June, St. Louis MO
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Img_1874r.jpg (75205 bytes)

Leaving Cosmos

P6160003r.jpg (62282 bytes)

Troubleshooting Mike's B

Img_1877r.jpg (51253 bytes)

How embarassing!

Img_1878r.jpg (40854 bytes)

Getting directions in Waynesboro

Img_1881r.jpg (36243 bytes)

On the way to Gassman Automotive

Dcp_0002r.jpg (74098 bytes)

Replacing fuel pump

Dcp_0005r.jpg (84755 bytes)

Inside shop

Img_1884r.jpg (62351 bytes)

Adding oil in Nitro WV

Img_1891r.jpg (56299 bytes)

Barry's turn

Img_1894r.jpg (55382 bytes)

Troubleshooting his problem

P6180004r.jpg (48080 bytes)
Inside shop in Jeffersonville IN
P6180005r.jpg (36007 bytes)

Shop sign

P6180006r.jpg (38789 bytes)

Blowing out air filters

P6190008r.jpg (31597 bytes)

Approaching St. Louis on I-64

P6210050r.jpg (66396 bytes)

We made it!

Dcp_0081.jpg (75708 bytes)
'Bs in front of hotel entrance
Img_1898r.jpg (66893 bytes)
Rear parking lot
Img_1899r.jpg (70102 bytes)

Barry washing off road dirt

Img_1979r.jpg (65987 bytes)

Sue's clean GT

Img_1916r.jpg (53411 bytes)

Setting sun

P6200015r.jpg (49854 bytes)

MG trailer

P6200016r.jpg (77276 bytes)
Waiting to wash cars
P6200018r.jpg (62308 bytes)
Side parking lot
Car Show_0430r.jpg (77445 bytes)

Another view

P6200017r.jpg (46976 bytes)

Rear of hotel

Dcp_0012.jpg (76084 bytes)

Room with a view

P6210053r.jpg (48018 bytes)

Westport complex

Route 66 Rally_0248r.jpg (43967 bytes)
Sue leaving on Rt. 66 rally
Route 66 Rally_0246r.jpg (37660 bytes)
Mike & Barry leaving on rally
St. Louis-11.JPG (61144 bytes)

BBQ at park

Img_1906r.jpg (88567 bytes)

Sue finished rally

Car Show _0503r.jpg (55931 bytes)

Checking out Mike's 'B

P6200009r.jpg (82533 bytes)

MGs after the rally

P6200011r.jpg (91041 bytes)
Some more 'Bs
P6200013r.jpg (85767 bytes)
Mike & Jennifer at the BBQ
Img_1907r.jpg (88861 bytes)

Chowing down