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Pictures from the August Eastern Shore Run

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Starting from the Crown gas station
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MGs ready to go

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More MGs

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Andy approaching the CBBT toll gate

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MGs on the CBBT
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Lunch at the Eastville Inn
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Historic Inn

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MGs in the rear parking lot
Img_4054r.jpg (94652 bytes)
View from backyard
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Lunch specials
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Enjoying lunch

Img_4062r.jpg (47376 bytes)

Another view of dining room

P1010041r.jpg (93521 bytes)

MGs at Mike & Jennifer's house
Img_4066r.jpg (92043 bytes)

MGs in the side yard

P1010040r.jpg (92937 bytes)
View down the driveway
P1010042r.jpg (71680 bytes)
Andy fixing rad hose
P1010047r.jpg (96540 bytes)


Img_4073r.jpg (97166 bytes)

Frank's yellow 'B
Img_4080r.jpg (96306 bytes)
Vince & others by the garage
Img_4081r.jpg (92824 bytes)
"Kicking tyres"
P1010044r.jpg (87686 bytes)
Bay-front home
Img_4075r.jpg (99179 bytes)
Party on the deck

Img_4079r.jpg (87146 bytes)

View from upper deck
P1010043r.jpg (60605 bytes)

Overlooking the Bay

P1010045r.jpg (40005 bytes)
Chesapeake Bay shoreline