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Pictures from the Fall 2004 Tech Session

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Img_4704r.jpg (101706 bytes)
At the "Barn"
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Terry holding a "trophy"

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Admiring Philip's '75 B

Rimg1154.jpg (83592 bytes)

Sue by her 'GT

Rimg1155.jpg (86864 bytes)

Colin's MGB

Img_4692r.jpg (88730 bytes)
Kicking tyres
Rimg1158.jpg (81312 bytes)

What's in Frank's boot?

Rimg1157.jpg (86196 bytes)

Checking out Chuck's LE
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MGBs in the "woods"

P1010005r.jpg (67972 bytes)
Flared MGB
Img_4699r.jpg (81636 bytes)

Diamond in the rough?

P1010003r.jpg (85360 bytes)

MGBs, Model T, Mustang, & GTO

Img_4694r.jpg (94158 bytes)

Roy holds a boot sale
Img_4696r.jpg (96409 bytes)

One drives away

Img_4700r.jpg (91915 bytes)
Another does not!
Img_4702r.jpg (91823 bytes)
Terry manning the grill
Img_4701r.jpg (91254 bytes)

Enjoying lunch