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Pictures from the May 2004 Meeting

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Rimg0660.jpg (88668 bytes)
MGs at the Watsons
Rimg0661.jpg (84868 bytes)
Betty & Beckey talk gardening

Rimg0662.jpg (87328 bytes)

View from the deck

Rimg0663.jpg (85752 bytes)

Robin talks with the Hibys

Rimg0664r.jpg (31767 bytes)

Mike & JD talk cars

Rimg0667.jpg (85900 bytes)
MGs on "The Green"
Rimg0666r.jpg (44676 bytes)

Kate arrives in 'TD

Rimg0668.jpg (86768 bytes)

Robin greets Kate
Rimg0669.jpg (85488 bytes)

Robin looks for late arrivals

Rimg0670.jpg (79521 bytes)
'TD & MGBs


Rimg0671.jpg (66990 bytes)

View from the back '40

Rimg0672.jpg (85992 bytes)

Hoisting the banner
Rimg0665.jpg (61415 bytes)

Sunset over MGs