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Pictures from the May 2004 Ice Cream Social at Hope Haven

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5 B's and an Ar.jpg (71234 bytes)
Gathering at the Mall
Waiting to go get Ice CreamR.jpg (78192 bytes)
Waiting to leave

Paul Thiergardt's TFR.jpg (69238 bytes)

Paul arrives in his 'TF

Jerry Johnson's 76B and Frank Linse's 58 A CoupeR.jpg (66903 bytes)

On the road

Paul Thiergardt in Mark and Wendy Hiby's MirrorR.jpg (46280 bytes)
Paul in Mark & Wendy's mirror
Pulling into Hope Haven2R.jpg (72771 bytes)
Arriving at Hope Haven
Pulling into Hope HavenR.jpg (51159 bytes)

Pulling into the driveway

We're all parked now where is the Ice CreamR.jpg (67092 bytes)

Lined up
Frank Linse 58 A Coupe and the Hiby's 73 BR.jpg (99568 bytes)

Frank's '58 A and the Hiby's '73 B

Robin and Olive Watson's 74 BR.jpg (102239 bytes)
Robin's '74 B
Vince and Pam Groover's 77 BR.jpg (62933 bytes)
Vince's '77 B
Hope Haven Residents Checking out The Hiby's BR.jpg (95928 bytes)
Checking it out

A Future British Car Nutr.jpg (63522 bytes)

A future MGB owner?
Here Come the KidsR.jpg (77351 bytes)

Here come the kids

Kids Checking out Paul's TFR.jpg (83012 bytes)
Checking out Paul's 'TF
Paul Thiergardt Show's Them Under the BonnetR.jpg (88570 bytes)

Paul raising the bonnet

Now Paul has Gathered a CrowdR.jpg (93451 bytes)

Gathering a crowd

These Boys want to DriveR.jpg (76106 bytes)

Ready for a drive!
Robin shows the Kids under the BonnetR.jpg (98167 bytes)

Robin shows the kids  under the bonnet

These Guys Told me the Car Was CoolR.jpg (76232 bytes)
Let's go!
All the Wonderful Flavors Becky Watson Put TogetherR.jpg (56625 bytes)

Beckey's assortment of ice cream flavors

Ice Cream TimeR.jpg (72228 bytes)

Dishing it out

Everybody was Eating Ice CreamR.jpg (69715 bytes)

Enjoying a treat
Olive Watson Serves the Hungry KidsR.jpg (46940 bytes)

Olive serving the ice cream

Wendy Hiby is the Whipped Cream LadyR.jpg (44585 bytes)
Wendy adding the whipped cream