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Pictures from the Moonrise Bay Vineyard Wine Tasting on Oct 24th

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Meeting at Kellam HS
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Line of MGBs

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Peggy's 80 MGB

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Waiting to leave

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Turning onto Princess Anne Rd
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Driving through Pungo
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Driving over the causeway into NC

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Turning onto Moonrise Bay Landing

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MGs at Moonrise Bay Vineyard
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MGs by the pond
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Moonrise Bay Vineyard
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Setting up the table

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Eating area

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Digging in
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Hi Jim!
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Wine tasting area

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Wine tasting

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Our gracious host

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Wine barrel tables
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Relaxing by the fireplace
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Beckey & Alan get warm

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Talking wine

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"Wine cellar"
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Beckey & Betty enjoy a laugh
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Betty & Mike
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Listening intently

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Learning about the harvest

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Outside the aging area

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TMGC wine lovers