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Pictures from the September 2004 Ice Cream Social Run

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Img_4284r.jpg (52551 bytes)
MGs at Lake Wright
Img_4285r.jpg (64663 bytes)
Gathering before the start

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Jim's 'B

Img_4287r.jpg (45050 bytes)

Dusk at Lake Wright

Img_4289r.jpg (53652 bytes)
Getting directions
Img_4290r.jpg (56468 bytes)
Sue's 'GT
Img_4293r.jpg (41725 bytes)
Starting the run

Img_4296r.jpg (41739 bytes)

Jim, Olive, Vince, Peggy, & George

Img_4298r.jpg (35604 bytes)

Reflecting in the light

Img_4299r.jpg (52794 bytes)
Olive, Mike
Img_4300r.jpg (52296 bytes)
Robin & Frank talk shop
Img_4301r.jpg (55957 bytes)
Denise, Mike, Jim, & Frank

Img_4302r.jpg (36035 bytes)

Pam, Vince, Peggy, & George

Img_4303r.jpg (46617 bytes)

Frank & Morris Worrell

Img_4305r.jpg (59527 bytes)
Ice Cream Gang