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Pictures from the Spring 2004 Tech Session

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P4180044r.jpg (85772 bytes)
Roadside diagnostics
P4180046r.jpg (94896 bytes)
MGs in the street

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P4180045r.jpg (67822 bytes)

Resurrecting '77 B

Img_3190r.jpg (70518 bytes)

If enough people look at it...

Img_3210r.jpg (81707 bytes)
Coors starting fluid 
Img_3186r.jpg (82435 bytes)

Smile Jim!

Img_3187r.jpg (76109 bytes)

Oops, I heard it drop somewhere!
P4180048r.jpg (74268 bytes)

Jim adjusts side-draft Weber

Img_3202r.jpg (80664 bytes)
'77B loses more parts
Img_3194r.jpg (78995 bytes)

Bob springs into action

P4180047r.jpg (81045 bytes)

Bob replacing springs

Img_3205r.jpg (81806 bytes)

Where did Tom go?
Img_3207r.jpg (80025 bytes)

There he is!

Img_3203r.jpg (77003 bytes)
Waiting for lunch
Img_3204r.jpg (70355 bytes)
Still waiting for lunch
P4180049r.jpg (97280 bytes)

Lunch break

Img_3195r.jpg (73436 bytes)

Robin & Mark confer
Img_3196r.jpg (78729 bytes)

I pledge allegiance

Img_3200r.jpg (67901 bytes)
Jerry prepares to trip the next unsuspecting car