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Pictures from the MG 2004 trip, 21-29 June
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Eiko, Craig, & Joyce in front of the Dublin Inn

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MGs in Newark, DE

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Valley Forge, PA

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Huts and outdoor oven

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Starting the tour

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Reconstructed huts

Dcp_0004.jpg (72754 bytes)

Nice & cozy!

Dcp_0010r.jpg (90835 bytes)

Mike & Sue check out cannon

P6210013r.jpg (46345 bytes)

'GT passing thru gate

Dcp_0012.jpg (91703 bytes)
Memorial Arch
P6210012r.jpg (59064 bytes)

MGs in front of Arch

Dcp_0016r.jpg (89985 bytes)

Washingtons' headquarters

P6210016r.jpg (88728 bytes)

Commandeered farmhouse

Dcp_0019.jpg (54688 bytes)

Washingtons' office

Dcp_0022.jpg (84152 bytes)
Washington slept here
Dcp_0025r.jpg (49109 bytes)
Officer quarters
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Valley Forge train station

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P6210019r.jpg (89959 bytes)

Grazing deer

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Episcopal church
Dcp_0034.jpg (63904 bytes)
Inside view
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Nazerath PA welcome center

Img_3622r.jpg (71606 bytes)

Original Martin guitar factory

P6220025r.jpg (35669 bytes)

Another delivery of guitars

P6220027r.jpg (37274 bytes)

New factory

Dcp_0042.jpg (73947 bytes)
Admiring antique guitars
Dcp_0043.jpg (62530 bytes)
Antique guitars
Dcp_0044r.jpg (83526 bytes)

Factory floor

Dcp_0051.jpg (88176 bytes)

Andretti Enterprises

Img_3628r.jpg (101855 bytes)

Gustav Stickley home

P6230031r.jpg (84250 bytes)

Side view

Dcp_0055r.jpg (121878 bytes)
Img_3636r.jpg (41662 bytes)
Built-in cabinet
P6230032r.jpg (43433 bytes)

Interior view