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Pictures from the Winery Tour, 10-11 July
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Meet at Greenbrier Mall

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Getting directions

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1st pit stop

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MGs at New Kent rest area

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Cooling off in the shade

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Robin & Olive in Louisa

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Lunch at Spark's Delicatessen

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Ordering lunch

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Lunch break

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Checking on Peggy's car

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Fine tuning
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Words of wisdom

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Filling up in Louisa

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Horton Vineyards

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Entrance to Winery

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Making an entrance
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Tasting table
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Barb, Beckey, Alan, & Olive

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Denise, George, & Jim talk wine

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Entering wine cellar

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Members in the wine cellar

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Now that's a wine cellar!
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Learning about the vineyard
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Emblem on wine barrel

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Jim & Terry sneak a sample

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Entering Barboursville Vineyards

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Sign over entrance

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TMGC members
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MGBs at Barboursville
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Overcast skies

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The Octagon corner

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Grapes & roses

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Burnley Vineyards

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MGs at Burnley
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More MGs
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Jim & Betty in the vineyard