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Pictures from the August Ice Cream Run

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Img_7324R.jpg (73452 bytes)

Meeting at the driving range

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Casting shadows

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Old Lake Wright Inn

Img_7329R.jpg (63021 bytes)

MGs lined up

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Jim's 5-speed

R0010610 R1.jpg (85444 bytes)

MGBs and 1 TF

R0010611 R1.jpg (80075 bytes)

Kicking tyres

Img_1756R.jpg (140935 bytes)

Getting directions

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Img_1765R.jpg (116013 bytes)

Bug-eyed Sprite

Img_1775R.jpg (122769 bytes)

Hey, who's driving?

Img_7331R.jpg (41123 bytes)

Following Paul

Img_7338R.jpg (67150 bytes)

Making a turn

Img_7339R.jpg (64548 bytes)

Peggy in front of new house

Peggy at new house R1.jpg (12643 bytes)
Waving to MGs
Img_7343R.jpg (70472 bytes)
Ornamental fence
Img_1778R.jpg (103507 bytes)

More accessories

Img_7349R.jpg (41667 bytes)

MGs on the run

Img_1798R.jpg (78039 bytes)
At the destination
NightB's R1.jpg (84440 bytes)

MGs under the lights

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Img_7365R.jpg (71276 bytes)
Enjoying ice cream
Img_7368R.jpg (66878 bytes)
Some of the group
Img_7369R.jpg (61094 bytes)
Talking MGs, no doubt
Img_7370R.jpg (60269 bytes)

Betty & Gary

Img_7372R.jpg (64627 bytes)


R0010613 R1.jpg (75290 bytes)

Olive, Michelle, Rob, Mike

Img_1804R.jpg (84916 bytes)
Sue takes aim
Beckey chooses favorite letters R1.jpg (20415 bytes)
Beckey leaves a message
Img_7382R.jpg (33451 bytes)

We were here!