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Pictures from the August meeting

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R0010551 R.JPG (95384 bytes)

MGs line the driveway

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Outside the garage

R0010554 R.JPG (82761 bytes)

Robins '74 MGB & Sues '72 GT

R0010555 R.JPG (92825 bytes)

Socializing before the meeting

R0010557 R.JPG (73187 bytes)

Checking out the regalia

IMG_1729_resize R.jpg (159046 bytes)

Rubber & Chrome

IMG_1731_resize R.jpg (164570 bytes)

OK, what's that?

IMG_1732_resize R.jpg (142634 bytes)
When Mark talks,...
IMG_1734_resize R.jpg (194312 bytes)
One of Roberts toys
IMG_1735_resize R.jpg (155558 bytes)

Andy's TF

R0010556 R.JPG (74060 bytes)

Andy & his gavel

Andytriestorallythetroops R.jpg (80970 bytes)

Andy calls the meeting

R0010558 R.JPG (72398 bytes)
Milling around the pizza
R0010559 R.JPG (69736 bytes)
Mark reaching for dessert
IMG_1740_resize R.jpg (105730 bytes)

Mike, Cynthia, Robert, & Betty