TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Brits on the Bay Car Show held 04 June
 at VA Wesleyan College in Virginia Beach 

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P6040068r.jpg (33715 bytes)

MGBs under cloudy skies

100_1463r.jpg (133144 bytes)
Chrome bumper MGBs

P6040073r.jpg (54344 bytes)

Late MGBs

100_1454r.jpg (115236 bytes)

Doug's 76 MGB

100_1464r.jpg (136138 bytes)

Craig's 69 BGT

P6040083r.jpg (70585 bytes)

 MGB GTs of Craig, Harry, & Sue

100_1466r.jpg (110483 bytes)

Sue's MGB GT and club banner

100_1467r.jpg (90730 bytes)

Paul at the show
P6040075r.jpg (71157 bytes)

Paul, Robin, Vince

100_1478r.jpg (150394 bytes)

Vince, Sue, Frank relax

100_1474r.jpg (171754 bytes)

Craig & Joyce relax

P6040076r.jpg (71540 bytes)

Jim's Midget, A-H 100, and others

100_1445r.jpg (111495 bytes)

Paul's TF and late Lotus Elan
Colin's '79 MGBr.jpg (29575 bytes)

Colin Watson & '79 MGB

100_1461r.jpg (125396 bytes)

Early Triumphs

100_1452r.jpg (87358 bytes)


100_1453r.jpg (101879 bytes)

"Welsh" TR6

100_1450r.jpg (89637 bytes)

100_1446r.jpg (83395 bytes)

Pair of GT6s

P6040074r.jpg (81912 bytes)


P6040078r.jpg (65612 bytes)

Other British makes

P6040079r.jpg (70909 bytes)

Jags, TVR, Rolls

P6040080r.jpg (49660 bytes)

Mini Moke, early & late Minis
P6040082r.jpg (54651 bytes)


P6040081r.jpg (70765 bytes)

Rover power

P6040084r.jpg (57874 bytes)

Lotus Europa "boot"

100_1470r.jpg (180634 bytes)

Triumph Bonneville

100_1485r.jpg (100053 bytes)

Waiting on awards
100_1487r.jpg (132657 bytes)

Craig takes a prize

100_1490r.jpg (86486 bytes)

Doug takes a prize