TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Charity Car Show held 11 December
at the K-Mart in Newport News

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IMG_8426R1.JPG (97332 bytes)

Meeting at the Quality Suites

IMG_8428R1.JPG (71447 bytes)
Waiting to leave
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Frank & Mike too late for caravan

P1010031R.jpg (84150 bytes)

British cars on display

Doug1R.jpg (63440 bytes)

Kicking tyres

Doug12R.jpg (78530 bytes)

Doug's TD

P1010030R.jpg (89326 bytes)

Frank talks MG

IMG_8441R1.JPG (110052 bytes)

Under the bonnet
P1010032R.jpg (61031 bytes)

Other end of British display

Doug11R.jpg (77113 bytes)

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Doug3R.jpg (69792 bytes)

MGB & street rod

Doug8R.jpg (79989 bytes)

TR6 & Model A

Doug7R.jpg (59850 bytes)

Porsches on display
Doug2R.jpg (84300 bytes)

1950 Ford on display

Doug5R.jpg (69166 bytes)

Christmas Caddy

Doug4R.jpg (75841 bytes)

'40 Ford street rod

P1010034R.jpg (69521 bytes)

V8 Vega

P1010035R.jpg (68414 bytes)

Modified Mustang
P1010036R.jpg (81401 bytes)


P1010037R.jpg (68989 bytes)

Studebaker 4x4 truck

Doug9R.jpg (72823 bytes)

Santa & his 'stang

Doug10R.jpg (69264 bytes)

Modern sled

P1010029R.jpg (101460 bytes)

Toys collected for the Salvation Army
IMG_8449R.JPG (118453 bytes)

Beckey is introduced

IMG_8452R1.JPG (125938 bytes)

Gathering at the Hassler's

22R1.JPG (103144 bytes)

Frank's Daimler SP250

27 Bob Reisse (right)R1.JPG (138606 bytes)

Sue and Craig

IMG_8454R.JPG (103746 bytes)

Robin signs u a new member
IMG_8462R.JPG (121131 bytes)

Enjoying hot cider

IMG_8463R.JPG (123631 bytes)

Becky, Craig & others