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Pictures from the Eastern Shore Run, 7 August

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P1010001R.jpg (75696 bytes)

MGs lined up

Img_7186R.jpg (73673 bytes)

and ready to go

P1010003R.jpg (63519 bytes)

Waiting in the shade

P1010004R.jpg (35018 bytes)

At the CBBT toll plaza

Bay Bridge-Tunnel 2R.jpg (54986 bytes)

Mikes '79 MGB

Img_7196R.jpg (18667 bytes)

MGs on the bridge

Img_7197R.jpg (31981 bytes)

Entering 1st tunnel

Img_7204R.jpg (25623 bytes)

Climbing the bridge

Img_7208R.jpg (39823 bytes)
MGCLUB 004R.jpg (58254 bytes)

MGs on Rt 13

P1010009R.jpg (56691 bytes)

Lunch destination

P1010007R.jpg (83717 bytes)

MGBs in the parking lot

Img_7212R.jpg (83886 bytes)

Opposite view

P1010008R.jpg (80840 bytes)

TDs and Robins MGB

Img_7214R.jpg (51712 bytes)
Mike playing with cars R.jpg (64654 bytes)
Mike playing with cars
Bruce's MGA R1.jpg (89374 bytes)

View through the window

Img_7222R.jpg (85682 bytes)

Admiring TD

Img_7223R.jpg (79030 bytes)
MGs on the front lawn
Img_7224R.jpg (83280 bytes)

Hanging out on rear deck

Img_7229R.jpg (78300 bytes)

Hanging out on front deck

Happy Birthday Robin! R1.jpg (99972 bytes)
Happy Birthday Robin!
Img_7227R.jpg (101214 bytes)
Robin cuts cake
Img_7233R.jpg (73416 bytes)
Linda & Jim relaxing
Img_7230R.jpg (42040 bytes)

View of the Bay

Img_7242R.jpg (33455 bytes)


Img_7237R.jpg (22043 bytes)

Frank & son go for a boat ride

Img_7234R.jpg (13529 bytes)
Walking on sand bar
P1010011 R1.jpg (85772 bytes)
View from the dock
Img_7245R.jpg (73934 bytes)

Checking Alan's car