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Pictures from the MG2005 Convention 7-10 July
Page 1, pictures from the show

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Host hotel

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Front of hotel

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Arriving MGs

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Parking lot

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Kicking tyres

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Mike & Jennifer checkout Y-Type

Img_6793R1.jpg (91488 bytes)

Closer look

Img_67932R1.jpg (97070 bytes)

Lone MG TF

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MG Midgets

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Img_6769R1.jpg (83349 bytes)
More GTs
Img_6791R1.jpg (94301 bytes)

'74.5 GT

P7090040R1.jpg (92825 bytes)

Lot full of MGs

Img_68042R1.jpg (81539 bytes)

MG 1100s

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Sky blue 1100
Img_68040R1.jpg (27202 bytes)
Close up of paint
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MGB & trailer

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Chrome bumper MGBs

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More early MGBs

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Another view of lot
P7090024R1.jpg (86862 bytes)
The other side
Img_6799R1.jpg (86163 bytes)

More early MGBs

P7090016R1.jpg (79840 bytes)

Toyota twin-cam in early MGB

Img_6800R1.jpg (81369 bytes)

Concurs winning '64 MGB

P7090030R1.jpg (78877 bytes)
Concours cars
P7090028R1.jpg (83791 bytes)
Judging concours
P7090031R1.jpg (90363 bytes)

Serving lunch

Img_6811R1.jpg (92082 bytes)

Rubber bumper MGBs

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Img_68050R1.jpg (81942 bytes)
Air conditioning in LE
P7090032R1.jpg (73759 bytes)
Another view of late MGBs
Img_6812R1.jpg (80210 bytes)

Hot rod MGB