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Pictures from the MG2005 Trip 3-12 July
Page 1, Olympic Peninsula & Victoria, BC    


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Port Townsend WA harbor

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Another view

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Port Townsend Brewing

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Fair Winds Winery

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Indian clinic

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Puget Sound view

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3 Crabs restaurant

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Drive up to Hurricane Ridge
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View at overlook

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Hurricane Ridge

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Visitor Center overlook

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Mountain tops
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Alpine meadow
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Short growing season

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Lone snow patch

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Looking North

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Deer on trail
IMG_64480R.jpg (62089 bytes)
Mike & Barry on trail
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Visitor Center & deer

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Visitor Center

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Port Angeles WA harbor

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Sunset over Port Angeles
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Victoria Express ferry
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Leaving Port Angeles

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Sailboat & reflection

Img_6462R.jpg (53529 bytes)

Leaving the US

IMG_64665R.jpg (43580 bytes)
Welcome to Victoria
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Waterfront condos
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Sailboats & houseboats

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Sue & Barry head toward bus

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Daimler sedan

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Buchart Gardens
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Img_6488R.jpg (112747 bytes)

Garden path

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Water fountain in former quarry

IMG_64990R.jpg (112264 bytes)

Totem poles

IMG_64991R.jpg (102224 bytes)
Crabapple trees & flower beds
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Garden path
Img_6507R.jpg (113472 bytes)

Lush vegetation