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Pictures from Seattle after the MG2005 Convention, 11-12 July

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Renton WA train station

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Spirit of Washington

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Dinner Train

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Observation car

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Lake Washington

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Woodinville WA

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Columbia Winery

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"Wine cellar"

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Reflection of train
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Museum of Flight

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Original Boeing plant

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Re-created workshop

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Barry checking out exhibit
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Italian WWI aircraft
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Another WW1 fighter plane

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WWII exhibit

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Modern aircraft

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Water plane
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Human powered

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Old Air Force One

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Oriental staircase
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Pike's Market

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Fish market

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Market place

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Space Needle
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Looking west

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Looking southwest

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Looking southeast
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Water-plane taking off from Lake Union

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Looking north

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Looking northwest

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Mt. Rainer thru the clouds
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Experience the music exhibit
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Iron benches

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Trolley car

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Waterfront restaurant

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Sailboat & ferry
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Leaving Seattle, Mt. Rainer
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Back East, arriving in Newark