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Pictures from the Spring 2005 Tech Session 

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TECH SESSION 013r.jpg (32970 bytes)

Frank's garage

TECH SESSION 012r.jpg (34788 bytes)

Cars waiting to be fixed

TECH SESSION 003.jpg (83916 bytes)

Checking exhaust manifold

TECH SESSION 004r.jpg (35341 bytes)

Andy at work bench

TECH SESSION 018r.jpg (31134 bytes)

Andy & Sue work on wiring

Img_5218r.jpg (78279 bytes)

Jerry checking wheel

TECH SESSION 014.jpg (81482 bytes)

Kicking tyres

Img_5219r.jpg (86837 bytes)

More MGB talk
Img_5222r.jpg (83914 bytes)

MGBs of Jerry & Mike

TECH SESSION 008r.jpg (36623 bytes)


TECH SESSION 009r.jpg (36006 bytes)

Jim's Midget

TECH SESSION 016r.jpg (22188 bytes)

Flared early MGB

TECH SESSION 002r.jpg (31971 bytes)

Frank & his Daimler SP250
Img_5221r.jpg (73471 bytes)

Side view

Img_5223r.jpg (60493 bytes)

small Hemi V8