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Pictures from the Valentine Rallye held 13 February 2005

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Arriving at Va Wesleyan College
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License plate says it all

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MGs ready to rally

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Alan overlooking MGs

Val Rally 005r.jpg (21890 bytes)

Kicking tyres

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Jim & Betty
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Vince & Pam

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Gary & Beth
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Tom & Marie

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Beckey & Alan
Img_5008r.jpg (79616 bytes)

Cynthia & Beckey

Img_5006r.jpg (81029 bytes)

Alan organizing rallyers

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Alan giving instructions
Img_5018r.jpg (65417 bytes)

MGBs at the finish

Img_5020r.jpg (72221 bytes)
MG TDs at the finish
Val Rally 010r.jpg (33901 bytes)
Pembroke Pizza & Pasta
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Val Rally 011r.jpg (25164 bytes)

Olive and Rally organizers Alan & Beckey
Val Rally 012r.jpg (26664 bytes)

Enjoying pizza

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Robin, Olive, & Beckey
Img_5029r.jpg (50380 bytes)
Jim, Frank, and kids
Img_5031r.jpg (36370 bytes)

Valentines Cynthia & Andy

Val Rally 020r.jpg (30307 bytes)

Alan announcing awards
Img_5030r.jpg (58259 bytes)

Rally winners Jim & Betty

Img_5032r.jpg (25837 bytes)
Grand prize