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Pictures from the Williamsburg Winery Run held 29 October

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Meeting at the old Lake Wright Hotel

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Andy & Cynthia arrive
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All set to leave

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Stopping at Hardee's in Newport News

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Changing spark plugs

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British cars invade Yorktown

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Vince fine-tuning his '79 MGB

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Sign for Surrender Field
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Beckey taking in the view

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TMGC members

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Leaving the battleground

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Driving along the Colonial Parkway

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MGBs parked next to vineyard
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Vince checking out MGBs

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French architecture

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Beckey addresses the crowd

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Enjoying lunch

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Oops!  No more wine for Vince!
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Outdoor seating

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Our next destination

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Gift shop area

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Denise, Mike, Vince, & Andy
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Becky & Beckey shopping

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Chuck and Terry check out selection

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Waiting for video

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Tour begins

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Wine cellar
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Touring the cellar

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Learning history

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Checking out artifacts

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Old French fireplace

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Pour another round!
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Which one is next?

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Alan, Robin, & Olive

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More tasting

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Leaving the winery

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Stop at Merchants Square
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Ready to go home

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Sue & Terry take the ferry