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Pictures from the Winery Tour, 14-15 May 2005
Page 1, pictures from Saturday

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Meet at Lake Wright

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Getting instructions

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Rest stop on I-64

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Rest stop "MG car show"

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Gas stop at Zion Crossroads

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Jim on the winery tour

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Jefferson Vineyards

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Opposite view

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Cynthia & Andy
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Starting the tour

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Jefferson Vineyards banner

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Learning about winemaking

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Lunch on the deck
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Lunch with a view
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Sampling wine with lunch

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MGs at Wintergreen Vineyard & Winery

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Members relax outside the winery

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View from inside tasting room
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MGs on the road again
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Ravens Roost lookout

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On the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Leslie & Bernie

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On top of the world
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Shenandoah Valley below
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Host hotel

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Veritas Winery

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Getting out of the rain

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View from the deck
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Wine tasting
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More tasters

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Alan, Beckey, Becky, & Chuck

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A little mud after the rain

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Dinner at Veritas
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Relaxing over dinner
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Dancing the night away