TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the MG 2006 trip 19-26 June
Page 1, pictures from the journey to Gatlinburg, TN

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Gathering at Cosmo's

IMG_1397R.jpg (58893 bytes)

MGs on the road

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Arrington Manufacturing, race car engine builders

IMG_1407R.jpg (62784 bytes)

MGs at Arrington's

IMG_1405R.jpg (58361 bytes)

Modified Viper in lobby

IMG_1401R.jpg (68454 bytes)

Street rod

IMG_1402R.jpg (68226 bytes)

TMGC members by race engine

IMG_1403R.jpg (64903 bytes)

Under the Dodge banner

IMG_1404R.jpg (47123 bytes)
Terry, Barry, Mrs. Arrington
IMG_8749R.jpg (39353 bytes)

At the hotel in Collinsvile

IMG_8752R.jpg (25004 bytes)

Heading west on Rt 58

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MGs at Lover's Leap

P1010005R.jpg (75629 bytes)
Bernie & Jack compare notes
P1010007R.jpg (25993 bytes)
Over the edge
P1010006R.jpg (24012 bytes)

View of valley

IMG_1439R.jpg (75846 bytes)

MGs at Mabry Mill on Blue Ridge Pkwy

IMG_8786R.jpg (43994 bytes)

Terry, Sue & '74 GT

IMG_1417R.jpg (105993 bytes)
Water mill
IMG_8770R.jpg (61739 bytes)
Sue, Barry, Mike
P1010010R.jpg (81732 bytes)

Water trough

IMG_1430R.jpg (88148 bytes)

Water powered machinery

IMG_1424R.jpg (111420 bytes)

Listening to docent

IMG_1426R.jpg (75767 bytes)
History lesson
IMG_1432R.jpg (111872 bytes)
Still by the creek
P1010017R.jpg (46315 bytes)

At Chateau Morrisette Winery

IMG_1445R.jpg (91194 bytes)


IMG_1444R.jpg (73463 bytes)

Tasting room

IMG_8792R.jpg (38499 bytes)
Sue, Mike, Barry, Jack
IMG_8798R.jpg (31523 bytes)
Entering the twisties
P1010019R.jpg (40397 bytes)

Resting afterwards

IMG_8800R.jpg (25430 bytes)

Heading towards Abingdon

IMG_1451R.jpg (107278 bytes)

Abingdon VA

IMG_1452R.jpg (129193 bytes)
Sue's '72 GT at Abingdon
P1010021R.jpg (89703 bytes)
Mikes '79 B at Abingdon
IMG_8802R.jpg (34288 bytes)

On I-81 heading south

IMG_8803R.jpg (24144 bytes)

Approaching TN

IMG_1454R.jpg (80793 bytes)

Bernie making hotel reservation at rest stop

IMG_1456R.jpg (70814 bytes)
Welcome to TN
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IMG_1458R.jpg (35187 bytes)

At the welcome center

P1010026R.jpg (57373 bytes)

Guitar store across highway

P1010028R.jpg (24759 bytes)

Heading towards Gatlinburg

P1010029R.jpg (38506 bytes)
We arrived!
P1010034R.jpg (62823 bytes)
Welcome BBQ
P1010033R.jpg (53675 bytes)

Barry, Sue, Jack, Terry at BBQ