TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Pungo Airport Museum visit held 13 August 2006

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Gathering at Courthouse Market Place

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George stops by

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Arriving at the museum 

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They all made it

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Chuck's '46 TC

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Carl & Kate & 'TD

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Outdoor display
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Water tower

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Owner Tony & Beckey

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WW II Jeep

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Opposite view

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Anti-aircraft gun
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Engine display

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Betty inspecting plane

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Taylor and old plane

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Michele & Robert admire plane

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Bi-wing plane
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Flying tiger

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Jag XK-120

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'TD and bi-wing
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Jim & Betty

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The Bond family

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Stopping at Matt's house 

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His Midget on rotisserie

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Dinner stop
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MGs at Pungo Pizza

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Dining at Pungo Pizza