TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the 25th Annual British Car Show held 07 October 2006
at Waynesboro VA

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IMG_2580R.jpg (98440 bytes)
Starting at Cosmo's Diner
IMG_2582R.jpg (121849 bytes)
Flooded showfield
IMG_2585R.jpg (110125 bytes)

Alternate location

IMG_0461R.jpg (80219 bytes)

Taking cover

IMG_2588R.jpg (126243 bytes)

Staying dry

DSCN0170R.jpg (158906 bytes)

Joyce casts her vote

IMG_0460R.jpg (97023 bytes)
Barry, Craig, Doug
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IMG_0464R.jpg (67165 bytes)

Opposite view

IMG_0476R.jpg (52481 bytes)

Early MGBs

IMG_0463R.jpg (69785 bytes)
Frank's 71 MGB

IMG_2586R.jpg (145090 bytes)

Frank & Kerry leaving
IMG_0467R.jpg (90229 bytes)

Sue's 74 GT

IMG_0469R.jpg (69850 bytes)

More GTs

IMG_0465R.jpg (71134 bytes)

Late MGBs

IMG_0478R.jpg (58721 bytes)

A-H Sprites

IMG_0479R.jpg (83439 bytes)

Big Healeys
IMG_0470R.jpg (70044 bytes)

Early Singer

IMG_0471R.jpg (93602 bytes)

Mini Moke

IMG_0472R.jpg (88118 bytes)


IMG_0473R.jpg (83697 bytes)

MG Magnette & R-R

IMG_0474R.jpg (55911 bytes)

Late Jaguars
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IMG_0482R.jpg (71502 bytes)

Bill's Volvo P1800 from The Saint TV show

IMG_2599R.jpg (63396 bytes)

Silver anniversary

DSCN0171R.jpg (163398 bytes)
Denise & Mike, Sue, Barry, Becky

DSCN0172R.jpg (160041 bytes)

Bob & Dana Reisse, Kerry & Frank Hurley, Joyce, Eiko
IMG_2602R.jpg (81132 bytes)

The Cummings, Hurleys, & Wilsons

IMG_2603R.jpg (87914 bytes)

TMGC members