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Pictures from the 2006 Winery Tour 29-30 April
Page 1, pictures from Saturday

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002-Ready to go R1.jpg (118124 bytes)

Starting point

IMG_0933R.jpg (88603 bytes)

MGs lined up

DSC07781R.jpg (117943 bytes)

Getting directions

IMG_0940R.jpg (89894 bytes)

Heading west on I-64

IMG_0942R.jpg (69108 bytes)

Taking the West Point exit

IMG_0944R.jpg (76895 bytes)

Rest stop at West Point

P1010006R.jpg (25455 bytes)

Leaving West Point

P1010007R.jpg (51033 bytes)

Taking the back roads

012-Wee! over the bridge R1.jpg (71532 bytes)
Over the bridge..
IMG_0949R.jpg (104901 bytes)

and through the woods

005-MG for sale sighting R1.jpg (70351 bytes)

For sale in Tappahannock

010-Jim takes the sidewalk R1.jpg (91372 bytes)

Jim takes a shortcut in Warsaw

P1010009R.jpg (46881 bytes)
Lunch at Northern Neck Gourmet
IMG_0960R.jpg (69298 bytes)
Originally a Ford dealership
P1010008R.jpg (83482 bytes)

Overflow parking-

DSC07785R.jpg (113846 bytes)

Barb between MGs

DSC07789R.jpg (106619 bytes)

Checking out the goods

IMG_0956R.jpg (118003 bytes)
Nice beer selection
IMG_0954R.jpg (79069 bytes)
Enjoying lunch
009-Lunch 3 R1.jpg (83811 bytes)

Other table

IMG_0961R.jpg (106292 bytes)

Arriving at Belle Mount Vineyards

P1010012R.jpg (37249 bytes)

MGs at Belle Mount

015-Alan, don't whine R1.jpg (80564 bytes)
No whining Alan!
016-Tasting at Belle Mount R1.jpg (77559 bytes)
IMG_0971R.jpg (87055 bytes)

Alan between owners

P1010017R.jpg (80885 bytes)

MGs at Ingleside Vineyards

Winery-03R.jpg (70395 bytes)

TMGC members at Ingleside

033-Ingleside tour R1.jpg (78440 bytes)
Touring facility
IMG_0984R.jpg (70122 bytes)
Learning about the winery
IMG_8666R.jpg (30650 bytes)

Ingleside labels

IMG_0986R.jpg (68123 bytes)

Tasting room

DSC07802R.jpg (95278 bytes)


P1010016R.jpg (51713 bytes)
036-Ingleside tasting R1.jpg (65466 bytes)
More tasting
039-Wanda & Becky R1.jpg (66383 bytes)

Wanda & Becky relax

DSC07803R.jpg (106890 bytes)

Beckey & Betty check out the decor

P1010018R.jpg (57061 bytes)

Leaving Ingleside

P1010026R.jpg (93936 bytes)
Oak Crest Winery
041-MGs at Oak Crest  R1.jpg (79984 bytes)
MGs at Oak Crest
DSC07809R.jpg (135074 bytes)

Opposite view

046-Oak Crest garden R1.jpg (146928 bytes)

Garden at Oak Crest

045-Alan & Beckey R1.jpg (91535 bytes)

Alan & Beckey

P1010022R.jpg (57423 bytes)
Tasting room
051-Tasting at Oak Crest R1.jpg (65540 bytes)
IMG_1011R.jpg (63052 bytes)

Pour Alan another one!

IMG_1008R.jpg (79842 bytes)

Chuck & Becky relax

P1010023R.jpg (74650 bytes)

Leaving winery

056-Vines at Oak Crest R1.jpg (117947 bytes)
Vines at Oak Crest
P1010025R.jpg (74715 bytes)
MGs and vines
P1010027R.jpg (48504 bytes)

Hotel at Dahlgren