TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the August Tech Session held 26 August
and hosted by the Freeh's

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IMG_0388R.jpg (148603 bytes)

MGs in the driveway

IMG_0392R.jpg (90382 bytes)
In front of '74 GT
IMG_0393R.jpg (105525 bytes)

Tech or BS session?

IMG_0395R.jpg (94789 bytes)

What does Jim have?

IMG_0396R.jpg (73664 bytes)

Air/fuel meter

IMG_0398R.jpg (117349 bytes)

More MG talk

IMG_0399R.jpg (87293 bytes)

Inspecting windscreen

IMG_0400R.jpg (103794 bytes)

Harvest gold MGB
IMG_0401R.jpg (101006 bytes)

Susan points to Robin's car

IMG_0402R.jpg (115029 bytes)

Lively discussion

IMG_0404R.jpg (82674 bytes)

A little Yuengling couldn't hurt

IMG_0405R.jpg (72168 bytes)

Another patient

IMG_0406R.jpg (100856 bytes)

Staying cool in the shade
IMG_0408R.jpg (110357 bytes)

Pair of green rubber bumper 'Bs

IMG_0409R.jpg (108569 bytes)

Vince leaving

IMG_0410R.jpg (103245 bytes)

MGs in the shade

IMG_0411R.jpg (99290 bytes)

MGs in the sun

IMG_0413R.jpg (110330 bytes)

Mark offers advice
IMG_0414R.jpg (96396 bytes)

Enjoying lunch

IMG_0415R.jpg (120439 bytes)

Swapping stories