TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Brits on the Bay show held 02 June at 
VA Wesleyan College

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IMG_0692R.jpg (116339 bytes)

Early MGBs

IMG_0693R.jpg (67053 bytes)
Opposite view
IMG_0694R.jpg (55220 bytes)

Late MGBs

IMG_0690R.jpg (95648 bytes)

Closer look

IMG_0691R.jpg (104065 bytes)

More Late MGBs

IMG_0699R.jpg (80363 bytes)

Jaguar & lone MGA

IMG_0697R.jpg (76327 bytes)

Pair of Austins

IMG_0718R.jpg (144370 bytes)

Austin Moke
IMG_0721R.jpg (127044 bytes)

Grille badges

IMG_0717R.jpg (128130 bytes)

Austin Healey 100's

IMG_0698R.jpg (122070 bytes)

Big Healeys

IMG_0701R.jpg (110503 bytes)

A-H race car

IMG_0702R.jpg (150115 bytes)

Shelby Cobra
IMG_0700R.jpg (91312 bytes)

GT6 & Mini

IMG_0709R.jpg (100931 bytes)

Early TRs

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IMG_0703R.jpg (89030 bytes)

Triumph Stag

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IMG_0707R.jpg (95031 bytes)

Pair of Lotus

IMG_0714R.jpg (116789 bytes)

Lotus 7's

IMG_0695R.jpg (117289 bytes)

Rolls Royce
IMG_0712R.jpg (143280 bytes)

'52 Matchless & 1912 Triumph

IMG_0722R.jpg (105659 bytes)

Frank Worrell wins Best Modified

IMG_0723R.jpg (120648 bytes)

Chuck wins 1st in Early MGBs

IMG_0724R.jpg (124802 bytes)

Terry wins Best Motorcycle