TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Fall Tech Session held 11 November at 
the Bond's house

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IMG_5657R.jpg (134796 bytes)

68 MGB in for repair

IMG_5662R.jpg (156113 bytes)
Conference at the other end
IMG_5658R.jpg (214571 bytes)

Robin heads inside the garage

IMG_5665R.jpg (221035 bytes)

The garage where it all happens

IMG_5666R.jpg (263202 bytes)

Terry points the way

IMG_5668R.jpg (241725 bytes)

Lineup of MGs

IMG_5667R.jpg (192984 bytes)

Looking the other way

IMG_5659R.jpg (172875 bytes)

Lineup out front
IMG_5660R.jpg (175902 bytes)

Frank's new sign

IMG_5661R.jpg (168722 bytes)

Open for business?

IMG_5663R.jpg (181186 bytes)

Mark checks compression

IMG_5669R.jpg (218372 bytes)

Working on a Midget

IMG_5670R.jpg (243548 bytes)

Offering sage advice
IMG_5673R.jpg (163054 bytes)

Frank adjusts carbs

IMG_5676R.jpg (246170 bytes)

Tidewater MG "Classics"