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Pictures from the Khedive Car Show held 18 August in Chesapeake

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IMG_5098R.jpg (200017 bytes)

Late model MGB

IMG_5097R.jpg (245136 bytes)
Frank & his MGB
IMG_5095R.jpg (236770 bytes)

Morris next to his Dad's MGB

IMG_5096R.jpg (201579 bytes)

'74 GT of Susan & Terry Bond

IMG_5099R.jpg (229973 bytes)

Richard & Sandy Hall in 'TD

IMG_5100R.jpg (260970 bytes)

Bob Ross's Morgan

IMG_5105R.jpg (242649 bytes)

Late model Midget

IMG_5106R.jpg (176350 bytes)

IMG_5102R.jpg (159113 bytes)

Old Case tractor

IMG_5101R.jpg (265587 bytes)

Miniature hay baler

IMG_5107R.jpg (249607 bytes)

Hope this comes off!

IMG_5108R.jpg (250160 bytes)

Frank adds his comment