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Pictures from the MG2007 trip 14-21 July, page 1
Oakland and San Francisco

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Oakland Municipal Rose Garden

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Barry takes aim
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Strolling through roses

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Reflecting pool

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Cascading pools

IMG_0717R.jpg (181268 bytes)

Jack London Square

IMG_0748R.jpg (112768 bytes)

Along the pier

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Approaching Heinhold's Saloon
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Re-created Alaskan cabin

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First & Last Chance Saloon

IMG_0752R.jpg (97905 bytes)

Mural on side of saloon

IMG_0753R.jpg (172238 bytes)

Inclined bar, Barry

IMG_0724R.jpg (164344 bytes)

Susan & Mike
IMG_0725R.jpg (187795 bytes)

Union Square in San Francisco

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Old & new

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Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

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Rooftop garden

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Pointing out Vesuvio saloon

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Mural on side

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Looking left

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Entrance to China Town

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IMG_0765R.jpg (122143 bytes)

Modern loo

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St. Mary's Square park

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Tour bus

IMG_0752R1.jpg (303544 bytes)

The Beat Museum

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Monastery & Bank of America
IMG_0775R.jpg (173233 bytes)

Early telephone exchange

IMG_0780R.jpg (146159 bytes)

Mural on building

IMG_0757R1.jpg (277722 bytes)

Washington Square

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Ben Franklin statue

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Coit Tower next stop
IMG_0799R.jpg (93458 bytes)

Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill

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Looking over city, Oakland bridge

IMG_0762R1.jpg (242681 bytes)

View to the right

IMG_0770R1.jpg (277129 bytes)
View of Lombard Street

IMG_0787R.jpg (122094 bytes)

View of piers, Alcatraz
IMG_0774R1.jpg (187300 bytes)

Looking out over the Bay

IMG_4274R.jpg (241775 bytes)

Pier 39

IMG_4250R.jpg (287360 bytes)
Looking over crowd, shops
IMG_4251R.jpg (247245 bytes)

Opposite view

IMG_0783R1.jpg (212550 bytes)

Boats, Alcatraz
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Along the boardwalk

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Elephant seals

IMG_0817R.jpg (128424 bytes)

An intruder

IMG_0813R.jpg (83332 bytes)
Liberty ship

IMG_0812R.jpg (92330 bytes)

WWII sub
IMG_0789R1.jpg (238454 bytes)

Mike & Susan looking for Golden Gate Bridge

IMG_0810R.jpg (74529 bytes)

Ghirardelli Square

IMG_0814R.jpg (109398 bytes)

Fisherman's Wharf

IMG_4286R.jpg (263095 bytes)
Cable car end of line

IMG_4289R.jpg (290906 bytes)

Put some back into it!
IMG_0824R.jpg (138169 bytes)

Moving vehicles by hand, sound familiar?

IMG_4291R.jpg (267005 bytes)

Waiting to buy tickets

IMG_0826R.jpg (123328 bytes)

Hanging on

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IMG_0803R1.jpg (116539 bytes)

IMG_0827R.jpg (148630 bytes)

We made it to Union Square

IMG_4315R.jpg (244109 bytes)

Opposite end of line