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Pictures from the Winery Tour held 18-20 May, page 1

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Meeting at Lake Wright

IMG_0643R.jpg (94775 bytes)
Another view
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Last minute repair

IMG_3576R.jpg (137234 bytes)

Leaving Lake Wright

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Heading up I-64

IMG_0645R.jpg (91961 bytes)

At New Kent rest stop

IMG_0650R.jpg (114183 bytes)

Lunch in Ashland

IMG_3578R.jpg (193463 bytes)

Enjoying lunch
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MGs in front of Henry Clay Inn

IMG_3586R.jpg (223128 bytes)

Across from train station

IMG_0649R.jpg (91708 bytes)

Train station

IMG_3587R.jpg (89443 bytes)
Gassing up

May 2007 040R.jpg (100106 bytes)

MGs at Belmont Farm Distillery
IMG_3589R.jpg (133355 bytes)

Belmont Farm Distillery

IMG_0652R.jpg (79816 bytes)

Getting a tour

IMG_0653R.jpg (85776 bytes)


IMG_0654R.jpg (103211 bytes)

Making yeast

IMG_9552R.jpg (80285 bytes)

Savoring aroma
IMG_9553R.jpg (82475 bytes)

Vince sampling?

May 2007 049R.jpg (109129 bytes)

Taking the tour

IMG_0655R.jpg (124744 bytes)

Bottling line

IMG_9556R.jpg (102545 bytes)

Seasoned wood chips

IMG_3596R.jpg (160810 bytes)

Ageing room
May 2007 058R.jpg (111296 bytes)

Delivery truck!

May 2007 039R.jpg (96451 bytes)

Cynthia bundles up

IMG_0658R.jpg (69100 bytes)

Prince Michel Winery

IMG_3618R.jpg (222565 bytes)

MGs in parking lot

IMG_3604R.jpg (122165 bytes)

Taking a tour
IMG_0659R.jpg (89367 bytes)

Cooling tanks

IMG_3611R.jpg (148329 bytes)

Learning some history

IMG_3614R.jpg (158858 bytes)

Wine tasting

IMG_3615R.jpg (179649 bytes)
Rest of the group

IMG_9567R.jpg (95784 bytes)

More tasting
IMG_9568R.jpg (93386 bytes)

Michele, Robert, Vince enjoying wine

IMG_3619R.jpg (257769 bytes)

MGBs at hotel

IMG_3620R.jpg (145359 bytes)
Andy & 'TF at hotel
IMG_9578R.jpg (129314 bytes)

Arriving at Unicorn Winery

IMG_0660R.jpg (128075 bytes)

Arriving at Unicorn Winery, view from the back
IMG_0662R.jpg (108944 bytes)

MGs at Unicorn Winery

IMG_9581R.jpg (124417 bytes)

Alan & Beckey

IMG_9582R.jpg (128416 bytes)

Robert & Michele

IMG_0668R.jpg (144943 bytes)

Unicorn Winery

IMG_3629R.jpg (228791 bytes)

Unicorn wine bottle lamp
IMG_0667R.jpg (153317 bytes)

Deck overlooking duck pond

IMG_3632R.jpg (301442 bytes)

View from the deck