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Pictures from the visit to Abacus Racing in Virginia Beach 

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LBCs out front
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More MGs

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Donald's' Midget

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Mike's RHD TF

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79 Rubber bumper B

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Kicking tyres
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Checking out red MGB

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Old Esso sign

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Starting the tour

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Andy, Jim, Mark listen to host Rob Doddman

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Mike, Barb, Stephen

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Pointing out dyno tie down straps
IMG_7937R.jpg (186421 bytes)

Jim by Porsches

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Building u p a frame

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Checking out a Sunbeam Tiger

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E-type coupe under Mini

IMG_7941R.jpg (185099 bytes)

Checking out body repair
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Checking out an MGA

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Close up view

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Talking welding

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Bending sheetmetal

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Restored frame
IMG_7950R.jpg (123930 bytes)

Rolls Royce restoration

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Straight 6 power

IMG_7954R.jpg (188602 bytes)

Checking out an early Austin Healey

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Front view

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More Healeys
IMG_7957R.jpg (285569 bytes)

Straight 6 power

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RHD Healey

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Another racer

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More exotica

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Triumph racer
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Formula V?

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More equipment

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Checking a block

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Cylinder head rework

IMG_7966R.jpg (242093 bytes)

Learning about cylinder heads from Chuck Botwright
IMG_7965R.jpg (228809 bytes)

Testing engines