TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the August meeting and 
the August Tech Session

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August Meeting

IMG_7577R.jpg (272410 bytes)

MGs at the home of 
Bill & Issie

IMG_7578R.jpg (241933 bytes)
MGs along the lake
IMG_3952.JPG (119178 bytes)

President Mark

IMG_3944R.jpg (173920 bytes)

Winery Tour quilt made by Karen Carter


August Tech Session

IMG_7653R.jpg (322797 bytes)

MGs at the Freeh's

IMG_7660R.jpg (322583 bytes)
Along the driveway
IMG_7659R.jpg (349446 bytes)

MGs & Lincoln

Ray Hicks, Vince GrooverR.jpg (224731 bytes)

Ray Hicks, Vince, & MGA

Rob Lang.JPG (241818 bytes)

Rob Lang works on speedo

Terry Bond, Mark ChildersR.jpg (292048 bytes)

Terry, Mark tweaks carbs

Twins!R.jpg (142456 bytes)

Pair of GTs
Essential accessoryR.jpg (95694 bytes)

Spare part?

IMG_7651R.jpg (311204 bytes)


Frank Worrell, Donald Ladd, Russ RippR.jpg (112411 bytes)

Frank, Donald, Russ