TMGC Picture Gallery 

             Pictures from the MG 2008 Convention in Philadelphia, PA held 25-29 June
page 1, Wednesday & Thursday

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Meet at the Eastern Shore National Wildlife Refuge

IMG_3108.JPG (274357 bytes)
Ready to leave
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Driving up Rt. 13

IMG_7410R.jpg (137892 bytes)

Lunch at Jimmy's Seafood

IMG_3122.JPG (223712 bytes)

Gassing up in DE

IMG_3119.JPG (236169 bytes)

Heading towards Dover

IMG_2123R.jpg (206212 bytes)

Host hotel

2008MG 002R.jpg (272431 bytes)

Welcome to MG 2008!
IMG_2048R.jpg (305957 bytes)

MGs in lobby

2008MG 003R.jpg (221703 bytes)

Ear;y MGB

2008MG 005R.jpg (202339 bytes)

Later chrome bumper MGB

2008MG 030R.jpg (306947 bytes)
Waiting for tours

IMG_1976R.jpg (291863 bytes)

1st Episcopal church in US
IMG_1977R.jpg (227667 bytes)

Pottery jigsaw puzzles

IMG_1978R.jpg (253082 bytes)

First national bank

IMG_1985R.jpg (232882 bytes)

Liberty Bell

IMG_1989R.jpg (261945 bytes)

Other MG2008 tour group

IMG_1991R.jpg (255372 bytes)

Ben Franklin & tour guide
IMG_2003R.jpg (263958 bytes)

Betsy Ross house

IMG_2009R.jpg (246838 bytes)

"Rocky" steps

IMG_2011R.jpg (230034 bytes)

Tour guide & Becky at top

IMG_2019R.jpg (314164 bytes)

Becky & Joyce hug Rocky

IMG_2039R.jpg (291032 bytes)

Lunch along old South Street
2008MG 061R.jpg (419546 bytes)

Doug & Eiko visit Longwood Gardens

2008MG 066R.jpg (504169 bytes)

That's a greenhouse!

2008MG 052R.jpg (388869 bytes)


2008MG 055R.jpg (371551 bytes)

More fountains

2008MG 031R.jpg (314700 bytes)

Eiko & flowers
2008MG 039R.jpg (387783 bytes)

Eiko rests by the flowers,

2008MG 076R.jpg (345801 bytes)

and Doug rests by the car

IMG_3132.JPG (298862 bytes)

Sandy, Richard, & Susan wait to begin tour

IMG_3139.JPG (183625 bytes)
Simeone Museum

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Owner talks about cars
IMG_3148.JPG (285551 bytes)

Philadelphia or bust!

IMG_3152.JPG (245456 bytes)

Stutz  racer

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IMG_7445R.jpg (159904 bytes)

Aston Martin
IMG_7442R.jpg (171769 bytes)

Mille Miglia scene

IMG_3165.JPG (219304 bytes)

Gull-wing Mercedes

IMG_3174.JPG (182077 bytes)
Cobra Daytona
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IMG_3288.JPG (291381 bytes)

Rear view
IMG_3284.JPG (206040 bytes)

On the run

IMG_7450R.jpg (281586 bytes)

Friday night barbecue

2008MG 087R.jpg (316374 bytes)

MGs of Doug & Susan

IMG_2041R.jpg (293405 bytes)

View from their cars

2008MG 089R.jpg (324660 bytes)

MGs in the setting sun
IMG_2044R.jpg (279152 bytes)

Field of MGBs

IMG_3318R.jpg (116844 bytes)

Doug, Eiko & '76 MGB

IMG_3319R.jpg (104290 bytes)

Jack, Linda & '71 MGB GT

IMG_2042R.jpg (269926 bytes)

Overlooking field towards picnic grounds

IMG_3327R.jpg (89019 bytes)

Line for food
2008MG 094R.jpg (235817 bytes)

Eiko, Dana & Bob Reisse

2008MG 095R.jpg (269909 bytes)

John Twist with Doug, Bob, Dana

2008MG 096R.jpg (290167 bytes)

Barry & Mike

2008MG 097R.jpg (258152 bytes)

Jim & Barry

2008MG 098R.jpg (250641 bytes)

Bob talks with John Twist
IMG_2045R.jpg (264016 bytes)

Celtic band

IMG_3333.JPG (284388 bytes)

Late night repairs