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Pictures from the September meeting 

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IMG_4361.JPG (316398 bytes)

Vince's TD

IMG_4362.JPG (287676 bytes)
Harry's MGB GT
IMG_4363.JPG (305220 bytes)

MGB GT of Susan & Terry

IMG_4366.JPG (232862 bytes)

Cynthia & Andy arrive

IMG_4367.JPG (282427 bytes)

Tyre kicking

IMG_4368.JPG (252848 bytes)

Jim & Betty arrive

IMG_4370.JPG (277228 bytes)
Pair of MGB LE's
IMG_4383.JPG (202275 bytes)

Mark & his MGA

IMG_4375.JPG (252965 bytes)

Checking it out

IMG_4373.JPG (288235 bytes)

It runs!

IMG_4377.JPG (261564 bytes)

Spare parts

IMG_4372.JPG (223024 bytes)

Russ & Stephen
IMG_4379.JPG (223933 bytes)

Socializing before the meeting