TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Spring Tech Session hosted by
Frank & Debbie Linse 

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IMG_2459R.jpg (70390 bytes)

Frank's garage

IMG_6727R.jpg (220877 bytes)
MGs lining up
More B'sR.jpg (272969 bytes)

On the other side too!

IMG_6725R.jpg (277484 bytes)

Kicking tyres

IMG_2511R.jpg (88226 bytes)

View from "above"

Anothe view of MG heavenR.jpg (214991 bytes)

More MGs on the street

IMG_6714R.jpg (269970 bytes)
"Shadetree mechanics"
IMG_6731R.jpg (248584 bytes)

GTs coming at ya!

IMG_6732R.jpg (257507 bytes)

5 MGB GT's on the street

IMG_2516R.jpg (105668 bytes)

Rear view

Andy WallachR.jpg (85014 bytes)

Andy & his 'TF

IMG_2520R.jpg (90323 bytes)

Frank cleans his MGA

IMG_6721R.jpg (279000 bytes)

Chuck & Craig
IMG_6715R.jpg (262709 bytes)

Brake job on an MGC

Christopher and Tom SawyerR.jpg (71089 bytes)

Christopher & Tom Sawyer

71 Red RoadsterR.jpg (146162 bytes)

Bernie's 71 MGB

Frank Checks out starter peoblem on MidgetR.jpg (178352 bytes)

Frank working on Midget

IMG_2502R.jpg (57739 bytes)

Tom working on MGC
Keith HenryR.jpg (108454 bytes)

Keith Henry

Richard Hall and his BGTR.jpg (250624 bytes)

Richard Hall & his MGB GT

Richard Working on the CarbsR.jpg (192450 bytes)

Richard working on carbs

Richard Hall, Jack Pavlidis, Terry BondR.jpg (230885 bytes)

Jack & Terry lend a hand

IMG_2483R.jpg (87956 bytes)

Stephen aiming headlights
Tad Carter, Russ Ripp, Ron Struewing, Stephen Daniel aiming headlightsR.jpg (90508 bytes)

Tad, Russ, Ron, Stephen

IMG_6724R.jpg (193378 bytes)

Aiming another one!

Mark ChildersR.jpg (120552 bytes)

Mark Childers

Latest in wire wraps - a bandaidR.jpg (143815 bytes)

A 'band aid" fix?

IMG_2457R.jpg (71815 bytes)

Red TD
IMG_6719R.jpg (183821 bytes)

Admiring early MGB

Frank LinseR.jpg (68127 bytes)

Frank inspects manifold

IMG_2493R.jpg (85263 bytes)

Rob's AH Bugeye

Craig Cumings, Linnie Pearce, Mark DavidoskiR.jpg (92486 bytes)


Frank Hurley, Doug Wilson, Carl NagleR.jpg (60546 bytes)

Frank, Doug, Carl
IMG_6711R.jpg (231230 bytes)

Doug, Chuck, Frank & Frank

IMG_2471R.jpg (77093 bytes)

Andy supervising

IMG_2498R.jpg (93978 bytes)

Mark checks out Bill's MGB

IMG_2474R.jpg (109520 bytes)

Chuck & his MGC

Right-hand drive GTR.jpg (96705 bytes)

Darrell's UK MGB GT
IMG_2488R.jpg (77844 bytes)

Webasto roof

The Steering wheel is on the wrong sideR.jpg (159880 bytes)


IMG_6734R.jpg (251935 bytes)

Pushing Midget

Starter is now in the bootR.jpg (93281 bytes)

Getting a little help starting

Spring flowers!R.jpg (126093 bytes)

Jim's MGB & spring colors
IMG_6726R.jpg (252230 bytes)

Darrell on his knees!

IMG_2486R.jpg (47324 bytes)

Motto to live by?