TMGC Picture Gallery 

Pictures from the Williamsburg British Car Club Show held at the
Williamsburg Winery

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TMGC members meet

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MGB GTs on the Jamestown Ferry
2008April20WBCC 081R.jpg (198490 bytes)

RHD UK GT at Winery entrance

2008April20WBCC 075R.jpg (199041 bytes)

WBCC at the Winery

wil show 2008 033R.jpg (231172 bytes)

Lineup of Jags

wil show 2008 040R.jpg (180756 bytes)

Show field

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Tent and show field
IMG_6796R.jpg (158951 bytes)

Looking right

wil show 2008 046R.jpg (234682 bytes)

Brit mix

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Looking through the trees

IMG_6791R.jpg (169624 bytes)

Lineup of MGB GTs

2008April20WBCC 017R.jpg (144136 bytes)

Front view

IMG_6793R.jpg (193507 bytes)

Rear view
2008April20WBCC 073R.jpg (197600 bytes)

Late MGBs

wil show 2008 001R.jpg (287328 bytes)

Austin Healey

wil show 2008 032R.jpg (291538 bytes)

More Austin Healeys

wil show 2008 010R.jpg (233477 bytes)

Austin Vanden Plas

wil show 2008 008R.jpg (291237 bytes)

'36 Austin
wil show 2008 028R.jpg (196603 bytes)

'52 Bentley

wil show 2008 002R.jpg (227257 bytes)

Rolls Royce

wil show 2008 022R.jpg (167104 bytes)

Triumph TR6's

wil show 2008 007R.jpg (177161 bytes)

S-Type Jaguar

wil show 2008 004R.jpg (238999 bytes)

Late Porsche
wil show 2008 020R.jpg (236021 bytes)

Alfa Romeo

2008April20WBCC 036R.jpg (180291 bytes)

Winery Tour

2008April20WBCC 035R.jpg (121589 bytes)

Ageing room

2008April20WBCC 040R.jpg (188978 bytes)

Cellar Tasting room
2008April20WBCC 042R.jpg (146697 bytes)

Susan & Terry behind bars