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Pictures from the Winery Tour in Bedford held 25-27 April, page 1

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Meeting at Hardee's in Suffolk

IMG_6821R.jpg (258522 bytes)
Ready to leave
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Petersburg Visitor Center

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Parking lot of MGs

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More on back row

IMG_6825R.jpg (272096 bytes)

Barb & Mike on Civil War trail

IMG_6827R.jpg (194722 bytes)

Gathering to walk to church

IMG_1734R.jpg (207935 bytes)

Historic Blandford Church
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Gathering around

IMG_2648R.jpg (188493 bytes)

Pointing out oldest grave

IMG_6833R.jpg (246056 bytes)

Tombstone of British colonel

IMG_6835R.jpg (301817 bytes)
Old repair

IMG_1736R.jpg (151870 bytes)

MGs driving through the cemetery
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Under the arch

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MGs cresting a hill

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Sons of Confederacy

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Rear view
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Driving through Old Town

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MGs in Old Town

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Waling to lunch

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Becky peering in

DSC02083R.jpg (215126 bytes)

C'mon, let me in!
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Lunch at British pub

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Checking the menu

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Old house

IMG_1740R.jpg (110926 bytes)

Octagon building
IMG_2666R.jpg (141966 bytes)

Impromptu tech session

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Gassing up in Crewe

IMG_2668R.jpg (110210 bytes)

Robert & Donald fill up

IMG_2669R.jpg (124744 bytes)
Topping up TF

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1st winery
IMG_6880R.jpg (123795 bytes)

Leo Grande Winery

IMG_6883R.jpg (313695 bytes)

Old farmhouse is tasting room

IMG_1741R.jpg (162369 bytes)

Rear view

IMG_2684R.jpg (115205 bytes)
Beckey ready for tasting

IMG_2685R.jpg (77315 bytes)

Cynthia gets a sample
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Terry and Vince get a tasting

IMG_6870R.jpg (134860 bytes)

TMGC members tasting

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Beckey gets a commanding vies
IMG_1742R.jpg (147991 bytes)

MGs in parking lot

IMG_1745R.jpg (118996 bytes)

Vineyard with a view
IMG_6884R.jpg (211952 bytes)

Creepy tree

IMG_1746R.jpg (148450 bytes)

Getting cloudy

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Leaving winery

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Stopping at a church to put tops up

IMG_6888R.jpg (288544 bytes)

Andy & Cynthia take a chance
IMG_2714R.jpg (151887 bytes)

Robert erects top

IMG_2730R.jpg (41163 bytes)

Just in time!