TMGC Picture Gallery 

Selected pictures and a slide show from the Williamsburg British Car Club Show
held 03 May 2009 at the Williamsburg Winery

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Williamsburg Winery
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Overlooking show field
WBCC09-2 062R.jpg (375817 bytes)
Another view

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Event tents and car show
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TMGC members
WBCC09-1 016.jpg (133636 bytes)
Frank Hurley & '71 MGB
WBCC09-2 050R.jpg (456765 bytes)
Chrome bumper MGBs 
WBCC09-1 052.jpg (127178 bytes)
Early MGBs

WBCC09-2 052R.jpg (461488 bytes)

Bernie's '71 MGB
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WBCC09-2 055R.jpg (433732 bytes)
Opposite view
WBCC09-2 078.jpg (135587 bytes)
The Bond's '74 GT
WBCC09-2 079.jpg (135491 bytes)
Harry's '73 GT

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Craig's MGC GT
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WBCC09-1 015.jpg (139866 bytes)
Frank Worrell's MGB
WBCC09-2 049R.jpg (495756 bytes)
Late model MGBs
WBCC09-2 070R.jpg (483834 bytes)
Frank's MGA

WBCC09-2 036.jpg (101973 bytes)

Original Mini
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Late Mini
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WBCC09-2 040.jpg (98253 bytes)
WBCC09-2 028.jpg (116218 bytes)
'37 Volvo

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Ferrari Dino
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Later Ferrari